Sometimes, in a bleak situation with no known end date, the hardest thing asked of us is endurance. Certain disasters require not a single courageous, bold act, but the plodding, grinding, thankless business of endurance, where we are called upon to bear everything from mild inconvenience to existential hardship.

Endurance is the key, but endurance is impossible without hope. Hope is the thing that enables us to move forward day by day. We all must keep our positive thoughts and I wanted to offer a visual reminder of that. 

One is a unique print that I have resurrected from the days when my children were in elementary school. One day, we all went on a drive and I made this image of the rainbow we saw. When I got my contact sheets back, my daughter asked, “What happened to the rainbow, Papa?” I told her that photography is not perfect and does not capture everything we see with our eyes. She thought for a moment and then said, "Then let's just draw the rainbow on the picture” — which was the perfect solution. I've had that image framed and on my wall ever since.

Another is a brand new addition to my House Hunting series. This picture is made in my favorite neighborhood to photograph up in the hills of Pacifica where the fog seems omnipresent most summer nights. I’ve been making images there since I first found my voice in photography in 1995.


#11542 from the series House Hunting
Todd Hido Silver Meadows Box Set